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AmeCan: A Little Braver
He still isn't sure how he's going to do it. Well he's still not even sure if he's going to do it. France had sounded convincing when they had been talking. He's had this crush for way too long, embarrassing so. He's kept it to himself for just as long. If France wasn't so good with reading people, he would have kept it to himself for even longer. The more he thinks about it, the more he wants to change his mind. Is just an old crush, there is no need to confess. He has a good relationship with America. Why risk ruining it?
But then he can almost feel France's disappointing glare in the back of his mind. Part of him believes that the country of love would tell America if he doesn't, even if it's for his own sanity. France had mentioned that it was good for one's love health. to keep all those feelings inside. They needed to be set free. Even if America didn't share how he felt, which was very likely, at least that burden would be off his chest.
The games in London had given him
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Brother of Mine Ch. 5
"More and more people are joining the cause. They are tired of Britain bossing them around and not giving them their rightful representation in Parliament." America beamed. They had arrived in Philadelphia the previous night and the older brother hadn't kept still since then.
Jackson admitted that he was proud of how far the colonists had come. How they continued to fight even if the odds were against them. They were not soldiers like the British. They didn't have the experience or even the necessary equipment that the British had. Their own supplies were running low and when the harsh months of winter arrived, things would only get worse.
But unlike the British, they had something to fight for. This was their land. They were defending their homes, their families. They knew the terrain and knew how to use it against the foreign soldiers. Now would that work? Would they be victorious against the might of the British army? No one could really tell.
"There are still many that stand aga
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CSA - Jackson C. Jones by Lady-Ignis-Chan CSA - Jackson C. Jones :iconlady-ignis-chan:Lady-Ignis-Chan 1 2 Nyo!Confederate America by Lady-Ignis-Chan Nyo!Confederate America :iconlady-ignis-chan:Lady-Ignis-Chan 4 1
Brother of Mine Ch. 4
It had been a month since Jackson had gone to the meeting. For the most part things had toned down by then. America had formed a huge mess in that party of his, which then had resulted in their boss yelling angrily at both of them for a full hour. They weren't allowed to hold any more parties anywhere near Washington DC. Any other parties had to be supervised, until further notice.
That's why Jackson was ignoring all calls and messages from Alfred. He didn't want to talk to his brother. Nor the he want to see him for at least the next century. That had been the last time Jackson was going to let Alfred get him in trouble. Ruining the good image he had with their boss.
Jackson began to cut the stake angrily, for a moment imagining it was Alfred. It probably wasn't healthy for him. But for a moment he allowed himself to be endorsed on in. It at least helped him release some of the piled up anger.
He wasn't given a chance to finish when someone rang the bell. Jackson stopped. He didn't ha
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According to plan Ch. 2
When Roderich began to regain consciousness his body felt heave, numb even. He slipped back into unconsciousness soon after. But not before he became aware he wasn't outside anymore. Something warm was covering him and under him it felt soft. It had to be a bed. Roderich hoped he was back in his own house. That whatever had happened had been just a bad dream.
When he regained consciousness again he was finally able to move better. His throat felt dry, but thankfully his body didn't feel tired anymore. Roderich opened his eyes. He was indeed inside. But he was not in his own home.
Actually Roderich had no idea where he was. He began to look around. It was a large room. There was a large bed in the center. A table to the side, filled with books. There were also more books lying around. Other than that there really wasn't anything that told Roderich who the owner was.
Actually once Roderich took a better look. It almost looked like no one had lived there in months or years. The books were
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CSA - Hello. by Lady-Ignis-Chan CSA - Hello. :iconlady-ignis-chan:Lady-Ignis-Chan 5 1
_SS_USUK_ Alaskan Winter
England walked back into the room, cup in hand, and trying to keep warm. Even in the small cottage, he still felt cold. England picked more wood, throwing it into the fire. Hopefully it would help warm the room up.  "So when is Canada going to be picking us up?"
His American lover had decided that visiting one of his States would be a good way to spend some time together. He had chosen Alaska. His home there was far away from the rest of the world, no one would be bothering them. England had accepted, back then it sounded like a good idea.
Of course only America would be completely unprepared, even in his own States. Now they were forced to wait for Canada to come and pick them. If it wasn't because England loved the big fool so much he would have ended their relationship right then. But the moment the American gave him his puppy eyes look, England was quick to forgive.
Hopefully Canada would be arriving there soon. He didn't want to spend the holidays inside a small cottage,
:iconlady-ignis-chan:Lady-Ignis-Chan 18 3
_SS Gift_LietPol_ Together
It was for moments like this he was the most grateful for. Even after all the trouble, fighting and everything else. It kept him going, kept him strong, that at the end of the day he had these moments.   
Hand in hand the two nations made their way across the park. It was still early winter, but the temperatures were already law. But they hands felt warm against each other, reassuring even. Neither spoke for a while, just enjoying each other's company was enough.   
They found a small cafe, shared a cup of coffee, still saying nothing. After a few moments Poland was finally the first to speak up.   
Hand on top of the brunette he smiled at his old friend, ally and at times lover. "I'm like glad you came."  
Lithuania smiled, it was strange to see the usually loud and happy nation blush and act shy towards anyone. But it reminded him of that first time meeting the other. 
:iconlady-ignis-chan:Lady-Ignis-Chan 11 3
Union Alfred _coloured_ by Lady-Ignis-Chan Union Alfred _coloured_ :iconlady-ignis-chan:Lady-Ignis-Chan 81 11
_UKUS_ Celebrating the Holidays
Every year, once the Holidays arrived America would host a large party. He would invite every nation that was able to attend. Not even wars could stop the celebration. So it came as a big surprise to England, when he did not received an imitation for this year's festivities.
Thinking that his lover had simply forgotten, he had then contacted Canada. But the Canadian hadn't heard anything about this year's party. With a frown England said his goodbyes. Maybe he was over thinking things. America could have simply forgotten and would end up doing everything in the last minute.
Shaking his head England decided to busy himself with something. He would probably be hearing from America soon anyway. Yet the rest of the week went by and the 24th was coming to an end and he still hadn't heard anything from his lover. England was ready to call the American, when his doorbell rang.
He hadn't planned to meet with anyone today. But it also wouldn't be rare for his brothers or even France to pay him
:iconlady-ignis-chan:Lady-Ignis-Chan 35 20
Confederate Alfred _coloured_ by Lady-Ignis-Chan Confederate Alfred _coloured_ :iconlady-ignis-chan:Lady-Ignis-Chan 66 13
Small hands and feet crawled across the muddy ground as the young boy tried to make himself unnoticeable by the others. With the upcoming All Hallow's Eve approaching everyone in the small colony was busy making preparations. Alfred had drifted of as the mad had tried to explain what everything was about. But he remembered that evil things were involved, that the humans wanted to keep them away probably if they were really that bad.
As everyone became more involved with everything the boredom that the young boy had felt only increased. With his brother away he only had the other colonial children to play with. But they too seemed rather busy and involved with what the others were doing.  That's when an idea had come to him, before the colonists Alfred had enjoyed playing with the smaller animals in the forest. By now the larger ones had been killed or scared away by the colonists so it would be safe for him to give his old friends a small visit.
Of course the maids would neve
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Blinking South by Lady-Ignis-Chan Blinking South :iconlady-ignis-chan:Lady-Ignis-Chan 0 0
According to Plan Ch. 1
The path from the church to the small bridge was a small lonely one. It had snowed the previous night, which meant it was slippery. Roderich could tell no one had walked through the path though. There weren't any footprints in the snow. It was good because right then Roderich wasn't in the mood to see or talk to anyone.
His family had moved here years prior, but Roderich still returned to the city every year to study music. Then during the holidays he returned to his parent's home. As much as he enjoyed his stays in the city, he also enjoyed the small tranquil town and seen his parents again. Once here Roderich had expected a simply stay with his family. What he hadn't been expecting were the news that he was to be married.
Roderich had always known his mother wanted him to form a family. She wanted him to get married and give her children. He had always been good with children. He had even looked after two Italian boys when he was younger. In truth Roderich also wanted to have a famil
:iconlady-ignis-chan:Lady-Ignis-Chan 4 4
Brother of Mine Ch. 3
Brother of Mine
Chapter 03
America, England, Canada, France, Confederate/Southern States(OC), Others (slight USUK, but only if you look really hard)
February 17, 1865
Alfred looked up at the burning city. In one hand he felt a sense of almost pleasure to see the place that had started it all suffer. But deeper he felt heartbroken to see this much destruction. America didn't want this war, he'd never had. This would only ignite the hate the South right now had for their Northern brothers.  
Arica didn't even know who it all had started. One moment he'd been drinking with his men and the next they'd notice the golden lights coming from outside. He didn't even know who or were the fire had begun. But it'd been started and now part of the city was been engulfed by its flames.  
He just wished for his states to return to the union, for his people to understand this. He didn't want his people to fight against each other, to kill and h
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